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About Caravan Batteries

Is to LiFePO4 more dangerous than lead acid/AGM?

No, it’s safer than lead acid/AGM. Plus, a Creabest Lithium Battery has built in protection circuits. This prevents a short circuit and has under/over voltage protection. Lead/AGM do not, and flooded lead acid contains sulfuric acid that can spill and harm you, the environment and your equipment. Lithium batteries are sealed and have no liquids and give off no gasses.

How to charge For Creabest LiFePO4 ?

What about wet/damp locations?

How do I know what size lithium battery I need?

How do the Creabest Caravan Batteries deal with heat/cold?

Most batteries should be used at -20°C -60°C, while Creabest LiFePO4 battery can work at -20°C -75°C. At extreme temper-ature of 350-500 °C, it still works. LiCoO2 battery only can work at 200 °C

What is the life of the Creabest LiFePO4 battery?

7 Things You Need To Know About Your Caravan Battery?

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We now accept PayPal and credit card payments on our website.

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