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— What is Creabest Super User Program?

— This super-user program is designed to provide creabest fans, product experts, technology enthusiasts or active members with the opportunity to test creabest's new products early on. For those who are building tech blogs, tech websites, trading forums, YouTube channels, etc., sending your resource links and product links of interest to sales@creabest.com is your best choice. We will read your resources carefully and will probably provide deep cycle RV battery for you.

Who is eligible to apply for Creabest super user program?

A Creabest super user requires to live in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Japan, Canada, France, Italy or Spain, etc.

Creabest reserves all rights to judge and determine an applicant's acceptance into the program.

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What Creabest expects Super Users to do?

Creabest expects Super Users to write detailed reviews with product pictures & links, make and post videos in your channel, or share experience of using our products with your subscribers or viewers.

>>Please note that we fully comply with Amazon's regulations and oppose motivating comments. We do not require you to write product reviews on Amazon. In addition, your decision whether or not to write a review for us is not related to the qualification of your creabest product sample.

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