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R&D team and factory

CREABEST © specializes in lithium iron phosphate batteries for mobile homes, caravans, boats, outdoor equipment, off-grid and solar systems, etc.

CREABEST specializes in the production of LiFePO4 batteries. With its own factory and its own research and development team.

We design the BMS program ourselves, based on the needs of the customer and the operational environment. Offer your customers the best product experience.



History & Quality

Before production, all individual cells are subjected to strict internal resistance measurements and adjustments.

CREABEST has been manufacturing LiFePO4 batteries for more than ten years. We only carry first class brand new products and accessories.

Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, safety, durability and performance.



Office in Germany

With the further expansion of the wholesale and retail trade, especially in Europe.

CREABEST has set up its own warehouse in Germany and has an office. Offer good pre-sales and after-sales services to European users.

The German warehouse serves as an external agency service warehouse and offers technical support.

We also have a local warehouse in the Czech Republic.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time: sales@creabest.com