LiFePO4 Battery Charger 12V 10A AD163-E04
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LiFePO4 Battery Charger 12V 10A AD163-E04


LiFePO4 battery charger 30A manual


LiFePO4 battery

Technical parameters:

1, input voltage: ac100-240v 47hz-63hz

2, open circuit voltage: 14.6V ± 0.73V

3, charging current: 30A

4, indicator light:

  • Red: charging
  • Green: charging finished
  • Fast red blinking: abnormal charging ---- Turn off power, reconnect charger and battery
  • Blinking green slowly: Standby mode ---- Have AC power connected, battery not connected

5, Terminal Type: Crocodile Clip (Suitable for all battery interfaces)

6, EMC, LVD comply with European CE standards

7, storage temperature: (-20 ℃) ​​- (65 ℃)

8, operating temperature: (-20 ℃) ​​- (45 ℃)

9, humidity: <95%

Operating steps:

1, Before charging: Connect the positive and negative terminals correctly

  • Charger positive (+) (red line) Connected to the positive battery (red terminal)
  • Charger negative (-) (black line / white line) Connected to the negative battery (black terminal)
  • Warning: Wiring errors will damage the charger

2, Plug in the plug and turn on the AC power to start charging

3, After completing charging, first pull out the plug, disconnect the device from the mains, and then remove the battery cable


1, Make sure the battery positive and negative terminals are properly connected before charging.

2, Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries.

3, Non-professional technicians must not open the charger housing.

4, During the charging process, at least 10 cm space for heat dissipation, No obstructions in the air inlet and outlet

5, Warning: Do not store or use the charger under the following conditions

  • High temperature and high humidity
  • Dust
  • Stove or other place with open flame
  • Near the heater or humidifier
  • The place that is easily spilled by water or other liquids
  • Flammable objects around
  • The charger is not covered with other items
  • Do not place the charger in a location subject to strong vibration

6, During charging, If there are abnormalities such as smell or high temperature, Turn off the power immediately

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester