Where to Buy

Creabest has now partnered with full-service distributors in the RV battery. The new distribution model is designed to deliver the best of Creabest products and services through reputable, leading distributors. Creabest professionals will ultimately benefit from increased product availability, extensive service and support, and greater access to professional technical resources through Creabest’s distribution channels.

Online Store(All Series RV Batteries to buy)

Choose our deep cycle LiFePO4 batteries now, If you have limited time, are you sure you want to learn every marketplace system all at once ( visit the following channel to buy our products.)

Product Series Voltage/Capacity Resistance Total Energy Outside Dimensions Net Wight Buy Now
VB001 12.8V/172Ah ≤15mΩ 2200Wh 370mm*370mm*150mm 26.7KG Buy Now
VB002 12.8V/258Ah ≤10mΩ 3300Wh 400x400x150mm 36KG Buy Now
VB003 12.8V/240Ah ≤10mΩ 3100Wh 400x240x270mm 34.5KG Buy Now
VB004 12.8V/480Ah ≤10mΩ 6145Wh 410mm*400mm*270mm 56KG Buy Now
VB005 12.8V/120Ah ≤10mΩ 1535Wh 352mm*174mm*260mm 20KG Buy Now
VB006 12.8V/42Ah ≤10mΩ 538Wh 223mm*120mm*175mm 9.5KG Buy Now
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